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Our RAM Mounter adapters are a low-cost way to add gizmos to your bike using the popular R-A-M mounting system. The RAM Mounter attaches directly above your late-model (R1150, R1200RT/ST, K1200) BMW brake or clutch reservoir cover by simply removing the existing screws, placing the supplied spacers on top of the cover, putting the RAM Mounter in place, and screwing in the longer supplied stainless steel screws.

 The "SIDE" version uses the R-A-M 3/8-16 screw-in ball and can be mounted on either cover, with the ball inboard or outboard. The "CENTER" version uses the R-A-M small diamond ball (R-A-M products shown for illustrative  purposes). Please visit CycleGadgets for your R-A-M needs.

RAM Mounter
Price $27.95